Run Reports

The Hash Trash was published in paper form and distributed at each hash until Run 1416 on 25 April 2015. The paper edition featured the ReRun Report from the previous week’s Run, a much-loved weekly “Letter to Mum”, and a selection of photos.

Due to changing circumstances, the paper edition was replaced with an electronic version, which was replaced by a paper edition. The current YH3 Hash Trash is now a printed, monthly publication, with a report on the Full Moon Hash. It is usually available at the Full Moon Hash.

At some point BoBo might migrate to the digital age, and we’ll be able to provide electronic copies of Hash Trash (including all of the glorious past editions, which Bobo has copies of). In the meantime, a few earlier reports are available via the links below.

November 2017: Full Moon Hash Run 155

October 2017: Full Moon Hash Run 154

September 2017: Full Moon Hash Run 153

August 2017: Full Moon Hash Run 152

August 2015: Full Moon Hash Run 129

June 2015: Full Moon Hash Run 128 (link to PDF)

March 2015: Secret South Shan Sideboob Slapping Hash House Harriers (S5H3) special run (link to PDF)

8 February 2014: A 1500+ word run report


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