Maybe it was due to Thingyan & a related surge in waxing, electrolysis, threading & other hair removal activities that resulted in YH3 being initially Hareless over Thingyan? Thankfully, a few hares survived the waxing, etc onslaught & we now have Hares until 27 May. This does not mean we (i.e. YOU) can be complacent and slack. As we all know (& can hear Bobo repeating in our dreams each night), there is no hash without hares.

It’s time to volunteer!

You can check out the Hareline for hare-less hashes (those indicated as being hared by “volunteer”). Or you may want to plan ahead, hare on a day or event that’s special to you, and book in some haring at a time in the future.

Either way, volunteering is as easy as emailing Bobo Hotpants, GM Emeritus in perpetuity, at, indicating the day you’d like to hare, a co-hare (if any), and a theme (if any).

If you haven’t hared in Yangon yet, it’s painless & you can co-opt a prior offender to assist. You can also review Bobo’s YH3 Hare misinstructions 2003 (how much could have changed in Yangon in 13 years?) (PDF; 4 pages).

An abridged version of Bobo’s mis-instructions for Hares:

  • Remember this is a Hash, not a road run. Please avoid down-town, mid-town and up-town and get out of town!
  • A bit of research/reconnaissance before setting the run will make a big difference.
  • Don’t forget to lay lots of paper at frequent intervals.
  • A Hash also requires checks every 500 metres (550 yards) or so. Don’t try to deliberately fool people — they will fool themselves easily enough.
  • In the hot season please ensure that there is at least one drink stop on the run to avoid the risk of heat stroke. It is probably best to limit the length of runs accordingly — aim for 7 – 8km, max 10km inclusive of running False Trails.
  • In the wet season (early to mid May) it’s doubly important to lay plenty of shreddie – that means lots of it and at frequent intervals. Also remember to find somewhere sheltered where we can hold a Circle.
  • if you decide that you cannot set the trail on the date you’ve volunteered for you must make your own arrangements to swap with someone else or to find a replacement. Do not expect the GM to pluck a replacement Hare out of thin air for you (if you haven’t noticed, there is no thin air in Yangon). It’s your responsibility.

On, on.