YH3’s Hareline details the upcoming runs, and the hare(s) responsible for setting the trail. Unless otherwise advised below, all runs (and walks) meet at 2.30pm, every Saturday, in the carpark opposite the University of Yangon entrance on University Avenue Rd, between Pyay and Inya Roads.

For those willing & able to hare (and exchange their name for “volunteer” in the list below), please email Bobo Hotpants, GM Emeritus in perpetuity, at yh3gm@yahoo.co.uk. Remember – no hares, no hash.  Hares may want to read through the very popular Hare misinstructions (2003, Bobo Hotpants) as they prepare for trail setting. (PDF; 4 pages)

Google map for the meeting point, https://goo.gl/maps/vDsMERWEARR2,
Location: 16.826159, 96.133697

1528 20 May ’17 Do as you are told run Berti Wahl & friends
1529 27 May ’17 A watery grave for the ice-man Dead Head & Gobble Gobble
1530 3 June ’17 A birthday hash Diarrhea & Cat Walker
1531 10 June ’17 Masterstroking 101 Aint Ze Bush
1532 17 June ’17 On in through the back door Rear Access
1533 24 June ’17 Solstice run Cock In Cock Out & Oral Titillation
1534 1 July ’17 TBC Slippery Discharge & and Virginal Discharge
1535 8 July ’17 TBC Volunteer
1536 15 July ’17 TBC Volunteer
1537 22 July ’17 Keeping it in the family Rainbow Balls & Finger in the Dyke
1538 29 July ’17 TBC Cum Chuckler
1539 5 Aug ’17 A happy families run Family Tracey (TBC)

Other upcoming hash events:

eurohashEuro Hash 2017, 7-9 July 2017

The city of Vienna, Austria, is hosting Euro Hash 2017 with a pre-lubes Third Man event, charity Red Dress Day Run and the ultimate Euro Hash run.

Check out all details on the official website, www.eurohash2017.

mekong2017 Mekong Indo-China Hash, 3-5 November
The 2017 Mekong Indo-China Hash will be held in Vientiane, Laos. with “early bird” registrations now open.

As at early-December 2016, over half of the places for the Mekong Indochina Hash 2017 had already been taken.

As in previous years, a cap of 350 places will be strictly applied. To avoid disappointment, you are strongly advised to register asap. If, at a later date, you decide not to go, your registration will be fully transferable.

Registration will open to the “general public” in December 2016, which will mean the last remaining places will quickly disappear.

See more on the website: http://imh2017.com/index1.php

interhashfiji2018 Interhash – celebrating the 21st anniversary of Interhash
24-27 May 2018 in Fiji.

Details are on the Interhash Fiji 2018 website (updated address is www.fijiinterhash2018.com). Some preliminary info:

  • There are early bird discounts for registration (the published registration fee is $US300). As at the end of 2016, over 1,000 hashers had registered.
  • Sofitel Fiji Resort will be the main venue & headquarters for registrations (on Denarau Island, 11kms from Nadi International Airport)
  • There will be 10-12 different run sites over 4 days, with trails (including a red dress day run) stretching from Natadola to Abaca (so there could be some hills). Run sites will be on average be 30-45 minutes  from your hotel to the most spectacular countryside, and late May is a beautiful time to be in Fiji as the weather is at its best – warm days and cool nights but you (the temperature ranges from 20-30 degree centigrade).
  • You can start learning some useful Fijian phrases and greetings on the Bula Vista website
  • The Fijian Tourism Minister has heralded the Interhash as a “great platform” for sports tourism (The Fiji Times, 30 June 2016). That doesn’t sound very hashy, but indicates the nation’s excitement about hosting the HHH. The hashers in Fiji have set up a full-time office & established their mismanagement council (late June 2016). It will be a great event.

Ain’t Ze Bush would like to coordinate the YH3 activities for the Interhash event. If you sign up or are thinking about signing up, please contact him.

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