Bobo Hotpants

Whilst the people of Myanmar embrace democracy and partied in the streets like there’s no tomorrow with “free & fair” elections in 2015, the YH3 are a few steps behind.

bobo_face copyYH3’s Grand Master, the myth that is Bobo Hotpants, has held the reins (and captured the hearts) of YH3 hashers for as long as many of us can remember (he took the reins back in January 2001, during Than Shwe’s reign and he hasn’t let go of them since).

A heartfelt reflection of Bobo’s reign was penned in 2015 (credits to Prison Break & Fun Sized Kit Kat):

The myth, the legend that is BoBo Hotpants!

An immortal source of Hash GM power and inspiration that for 100 years (time in Myanmar ages people faster than time zones on earth) has ruled, with an iron fist and monkey feet, to keep the Yangon Hash House Harriers alive in one of the most mysterious marvels of jungle kingdoms in the history of earthlings existence on this rock flying through space and time.

(Important: BoBo has for years provide misinformation that his name is just BoBo. Let it be known, this is simply an attempt to have his followers forget his love of short shorts aka hotpants, and the pretty gentle lady boys that wear them. So for all of you this weekend, please address your mighty GM as BoBo HOTPANTS!)

As one of the chosen apostles of the H3 gospel, he has come to show us the light, and to share the knowledge that cold beer and hot runs are the only way to achieve real happiness while prisoners of our own flesh.

There are many rumors to the origins of BoBo Hotpants! Some think he was sent in service of the Queen to reclaim a lost land for the throne, some believe he was escaping charges from the Americans for crimes against humanity, others think it is simply his appetite for bronzed men in sweaty environments.

However, after Prison Break consulted the ether and various spirit waters, the mystery of BoBo Hotpant’s immortality is now known……

10615493_10152935785783880_8815916173105840378_nBoBo Hotpants was born in the Jungles of Burma over five centuries ago as the Pink Elephant King. For years he mastered trails and the depths of jungles and mountains of the Mekong region. He united many kingdoms of the shiggy under the heavy foot of his OnOn army of elephants.

As time passed he saw the death of his animal family to the appetite of Chinese wizards and piano makers. He then embarked on a holy mission to capture a city of men and build a new kingdom worthy of his rule. Then he came upon the night sky of Rangoon, a city without electricity, but fully lit at night by the pure gold spires that shot into the sky. He knew that this was his kingdom and quickly got to the task.

However, the emperor of Japan had sent an army of ninjas at the same time to reclaim Burma. And the war between The Pink Elephant King BoBo Hotpants I and the army of ninjas has been waged for the last two decades. BoBo has survived multiple assassination attempts by steel and poison, and yet on Saturday afternoon shows up with his statistics bible and polished horn to lead the pack down trail. How?

Many years ago an advance race of aliens from a distant galaxy were making observations of the creatures of earth. They were part of a team that had been seeking an answer for a problem that plagued their home planet. Years earlier their home planet had been invaded by foreign horde of wankers, sex tourists, saviour complex aid workers, English teachers, American drunks, spoiled diplomats and the worst of all, a bunch of illegitimate Aussies. As a peaceful race of aliens, they were ill-equipped to handle this mix of creatures.

photoIt was BoBo Hotpants that was found as the most perfect of men to handle this problem. The aliens abducted him and made an army of BoBo clones to bring back to their planet. As a thank you to the jungle creatures that produced such a marvel of men, a secret facility with back up BoBo GM models was left behind. So every time BoBo is killed a new one is produced to take his place. The ninjas will never win against the immortal HotPants of BoBo!

Words of wisdom from Bobo Hotpants:

  • “My favourite position is in the centre” (2016; morning after taking three girls back to Golden Valley)
  • “The only permanent thing in life is impermanence” (2016)
  • “The best cure for a hangover is alcohol” (2016)

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