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yh11The Yangon Hash always meets at the same place every Saturday at 2:30 pm, when registration takes place. Registration involves signing your name into the book that is provided and then handing over your run fee (currently K 5,000 – see FAQ page) to pay for whatever beverages you consume on the day.

The meeting point is located opposite the main gate to Yangon University on University Avenue Road, between Inya Road and Pyay Road. Look for a car parking area about 300 metres from Pyay Road, which is the main north-south thoroughfare in and out of the city. You will have to go into the parking lot to see the group.

Please see the location maps below.

Google map for the meeting point,,
Location: 16.826159, 96.133697

yh23At the meeting point the Hares for the day will announce where the start of the run is located, which is variable but more often than not is somewhere on the outskirts of town. In general, the location of the start of the run will be unknown by anyone prior to this announcement by the Hares. The whole pack will then proceed to the run site by means of whatever transport is made available by those in the pack that have vehicles. Note that it is often a tight squeeze and you should be prepared to get intimately acquainted with strangers on the way to the run. It’s first come, first served so try not to be late or you may end up not finding a spare seat.

The pack leaves for the run site at 2:45 pm prompt. If you are not in the last vehicle that pulls out of the car park, you will get left behind! A shared taxi might be an option if there are more Hashers than seats available (to be fair this is a rare occurrence) but explaining an obscure and distant run site to a Yangon taxi driver could be challenging.

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