Full Moon Hash

The Yangon Full Moon Hash meets monthly to run through the dark, dark streets of Yangon. They traditionally finish with a meal and too many drinks.

Cost: ~15,000 kyat for drinks & dinner

General Full Moon Hash details:

The meet up point for full moon hashes changes month to month – it’s generally somewhere close enough to downtown for folks to get to after work, as it’s usually held on a weeknight.

The focus for the full moon run is generally drinking, with a shorter run and longer drinking and eating times, but this is a “guide” that not all full moon hares follow.

When running in the dark in Yangon, a torch is essential.  Wear bright clothing.


Hareline FMH 2018:


158: 26th Jan – 20th Anniversary – 6 Dirty Tongues & Gigolo Joe
159: 23rd Feb – “First Quarter Run” – CICO & Oral Titillation
160: Mar – Volunteer
161: Apr – Volunteer
162: May – Bushy
163: Jun – Volunteer
164: Jul –  Volunteer
165: Aug – Volunteer
166: Sep – Volunteer
167: Oct – Volunteer
168: Nov – Volunteer
169: Dec – Volunteer


A drinking club with a running problem