Full Moon Hash

The wonderful Miss Theo and Titty Titty Bling Bling have mismanaged a super dooper trail for you.

When: This Tuesday. 6.30pm
(The night before a public holiday, so no excuses!)

Where: TK House, on Pan Hlaing Street, opposite Mahlzeit Restaurant, near the corner with Baho Road. Near Asia Royal Hospital.

Why: Because we are virgin full moon hares and deserve your love and support. Also, there will be plenty of beer and the possibility of KTV afterwards!




Cost: TBC (around 15,000 kyat for drinks & dinner)

Don’t forget to bring a torch/head lamp, and consider wearing bright hash-attire.

General Full Moon Hash details:

The meet up point for full moon hashes changes month to month – it’s generally somewhere close enough to downtown for folks to get to after work, as it’s usually held on a weeknight.

The focus for the full moon run is generally drinking, with a shorter run and longer drinking and eating times, but this is a “guide” that not all full moon hares follow.

When running in the dark in Yangon, a torch is essential.  Consider bright clothing.


A drinking club with a running problem