Mis-management committee

YH3 is currently utterly mis-managed by the following committee members:

Grand MasterNigerian
Hash CashDominatrix
Hash PissRaza Gaha Hasha
On SecBuzz the Worm
Religious AdviserBob the Dildo
Hash HaberdasheryWunderbra
Deputy Hash HaberdasheryBroobs
 Hash MoosicsThe Nigerian
 Hare RaiserNight Mare
 Web MasterBuzz the Worm
Hash BashCock In Cock Out

Contact Us: yangonhasher@gmail.com

Job descriptions:

Grand Master (GM): This person runs the Circle at the end of the Hash. The person is responsible for calling mismanagement meetings when needed and staying informed with all other mismanagement positions. The GM has the deciding vote in any instance of a tied hash vote This person is usually a seasoned hasher. This person can make any rules and/or traditions with regards to the Hash. This person is not responsible for buying any items for any Hashers. If the person so chooses, he/she can take over the weekly e-mailing of information. Remember – the GM is always right!

Joint Master/Mistress: This person runs the Circle if the GM is not there. This person pours the beer (or finds someone to pour the beer, i.e. Beer Wench) and backs up the GM in any means the GM needs or wants.

In the past, this person was in line to become GM, so served as Vice President (Deputy GM) first to get some practice. As such, this person was usually a seasoned Hasher as well.

Hash Cash: This person collects money at the Hash and pays the Beer Meister and Haberdashers when presented with a receipt. Also in control of Anal Accounts, if mismanagement decides on them, and mis-advising on potential funding available for special events.

On-Sec: The person(s) takes notes at mismanagement meetings. They also do a write up of the Hash each week (any form and length they want) and pass it along to the web-master/mistress.

If a newsletter is passed out at the Hash, hopefully the upcoming Hare has passed on information and directions, which can be included. This person can do an annual year book (called Rear In Your View) if they so choose.

Hash Piss: This person(s) buys beer, ice, trash bags, and may supply cups for each week at the Hash. Usually what is needed each week is beer, softdrinks, and upon request of the Religious Adviser (RA) unbroken blocked ice when and where possible. This person gets reimbursed from the Hash Cash.

Religious Adviser: This person is third in command when it comes to running the Circle. He/she also helps the GM in anyway necessary, as per the GM’s wants, and will generally turn virgins into sinners, host baptisms, and manage the religious items like the Hashit and FRB item. This person traditionally preaches to would-be Hashers and spreads the good word of YH3 to neighboring hashes for potential co-hashes.

RAs will also source Hares each week. If no Hare is found, they will assign the duty to the Trailmaster or otherwise task a live hare.

Hasherdabbery committee: This committee of people are in charge of getting items the Hash or mismanagement has approved to purchase, such as shirts, shorts, stickers, cups, longyi etc. They can either buy the items themselves and get reimbursed by Hash Cash or get Hash Cash to pay for it, once they have done the artwork, found a vendor, etc. Haberdashery items should be brought each week to the Hash so they can be sold to visitors, virgins, and Hashers. It is also good if they go, or find someone who is going, to brother hashes to take the items to sell.  Haberdashery is usually a good means to make some money for the Hash. The Haberdashery Committee comprises:

  • Hasherdabbery designer: provides the insightful & inappropriate designs that misrepresent the hash to any and all that see haberdashery items.
  • Hasherdabbery sales: the face of the haberdashery, selling goods at any and all hash related events and promoting the wearing of such items to virgins and visitors.
  • Haserdabbery production: sources appropriately priced and quality production sources for the appropriation of haberdashery items.

Trail Master : Usually an experienced hasher in the Yangon area, the trail raiser is also able to give Hares suggestions on areas for hashes, advice on past trails and give details about how to lay a trail to virgin hares.

Hash Horn: Usually a FRB that helps direct the pack each time the Checks are broken. Blows the horn periodically to alert the Hash about where the onward route lies so that those at the back can head in the right direction when they get to a Check.

Hash Sniff: A FRB role reserved for an enthusiastic young hasher willing to sprint off at the beginning of a run and find the start of a trail.

Web Master/Mistress: This person(s) keeps the website and Facebook page updated. Both sites should have the information on the next Hash hopefully a week before the Hash.

The website contains pictures and information about other Hashes and events that are going outside YH3 including FMYH3. Song lyrics should also be made available on the website for people to learn and sing at the Hash.

Hash Flash/Movie: This person is responsible for capturing any and all acts of hash debauchery that may occur during the run, circle or any On-On and all images, unless sensitive politically or culturally, will be published for hashmusement.

Hash Moosic: This person creates a list of Hash songs to be published online for all Hashers to rehearse at any and all social events they see fit. They are available to give a note during any circle and create relevant Hash Hymns following memorable events.

Hash Bash: This person ensures that once a quarter the hash members meet socially for an event unrelated to the hash itself for the purpose of spreading the good hash word and giving opportunity for naming discoveries.

You can download a PDF copy of these roles in the unauthorised YH3 rules here > (192Kb)

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