Utterly mismanaged by:

Grand Master: Bob “BoBo Hotpants” Thomas

Religious Adviser: Carl “Smokeback Mountain” Crick (unofficial)

GM Bobo Hotpants
GM Bobo Hotpants

Hash Cash: Fenton “Don’t Call Me Shirley” Holland

Hash Moosic: Bart “Boring Fucker” Robertson and Nicholas “Dirty Choirboy” Ramsden

Hash Flash: Aung Kyaw “Dr. No” Myint

Hash Piss: Midgie “Raza Gaha Hasha” Ye Aung

Hasherdabber: Midgie “Raza Gaha Hasha” Ye Aung

Trail Mistress: Khaing “Promiscuous” Tun

Comms Queens: Yu Yu “Helping Hand” Din and Kerry “Sticky Fingers” Barker

Contact Us: yangonhasher@gmail.com

Helping Hands - Co-Comms Queen
Helping Hands – Co-Comms Queen
Midgie - Hash Piss & Hashidasherie
Midgie – Hash Piss & Hashidasherie
Dr No - Hash Flash
Dr No – Hash Flash