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Run 1461


Analist and Scot No Balls marked a questionably short trail mirroring many of Wunderbra’s great adventures.  To be fair, they did say it would be between 5 and 16 K.  At a mere 5.5 K, it just made their parameters.  The highlights included few main roads, the usual water pipe trot and security asking us to leave the Golf course.

The circle brought in a few returnees, some dating back to 2003.  Bobo Hotpants did allow a naming. Sperminator ended up drinking twice for his brand new, still tagged shoes.



Run 1459

From someone in attendance, your run in brief.

Midgie Bday run. (His 28th bday). First half hot and s.h.i.t.t.y trail through garbage and open air toilets. Beer trip on the trishaw. Second half through residential villa area. What a contrast. Midgie family welvomed us warmly with bbq-ed chicken and other delicious snacks. On In at 50th to watch the Irish rugbymen get their butts kicked by Ze French in ze last minute.

Run in Brief

Straight from the hare’s mouth! No editing.

Cum Chuckler, Comatose and Juliet set a 9-10 km run in east Dagon

2 beer stops

Due to miss instructions Midgie was at a wrong place at a first beer stop but then was called to the right place but cum Chuckler

FRBs ran two wonderful loops to keep the pack together

Juliet was named

She had to stay on the oil platform while Comatose and Cum Chuckler scouted the trail

So she was named Well Drilled!

Let me repeat two beer stops!

Lovely shady trail!

On In at the Northern Kitchen Restaurant

The 50 street manager announced the 20 MMK deal, one beer or pizza and 8 beers on Saturday

Run 1444

When asked about the trail on Thursday, the newly named On All Floors responded with a lighthearted assurance that a trail would indeed be found in time.  With this in mind, the expectations were low for this week’s run.  However, our darling On All Floors, with the help of Analist, managed to pull off a lovely trail (aside from the smell) for the core group of YH3 that showed up this week.  Sadly due to the size of the beer truck, or some such excuse, the crocodile farm was out of reach for the end point.  Not to worry, Boring Fucker ran a lovely circle in a dirt parking lot that included a virgin visitor with new shoes and the return/visit/goodbye of No Foreplay.

Now that is a down down!

Run 1441

Little Boy employed the services of Bushy for his virgin haring experience.  The boys trekked out through the jungles of Yangon to find a run that only walkers could set.

It started with great excitement, racing through streets and over train bridges only to come to a screeching halt 2 K into the run for the first beer stop. The pack was lost on major roads due to the chalk marking confusion.  Apparently YH3 can’t be flexible. The run ended with a 1 K dash down the railroad tracks and finished in a puddle of mud.


Run number something

After chatting with various hashers, I have complied this run in brief for your entertainment.

The area chosen by the German hares was a fine space for YH3 to trot out.  The trail itself was laid “with German precision”.  In my head that is shreddie 123 meters.  Despite this exactitude, the German left out one key component of the laying process: checks.  Rumor has it only three for the entire 10 K run appeared.  The end point nearly made up for the lack of break for the BRBs (lazy).  River or something like that was featured at the end point.

Run 1437

12031459_10153876720458676_2474965683886528227_oShwedagon, tiny streets, monasteries, this run had all of Yangon’s finest hashing experiences.  Popular parks added flare to the trail.  The hares were lost from time to time, and hashers spent a kilometer on a “false trail”.  The egg salad sandwiches and stunning circle site on Kandawkyi Lake, complete with an adorable pug puppy and live guitar, made up for confusion.

Full Moon Hash – August 2015

Meeting point for the August Full Moon Run was the Beer Station across from the Golden Rose (I think that was how it was called) Hotel. As the waiters were not very willing to serve drinks to beer thirsty hashers and the hares Maria Phallus and Scot No Balls (at this point of the evening still known as Just Robin) were busy doing whatever the group started with a 45min delay and already pretty rumbling stomachs.

The trail first took the runners up to Kandawgyi Lake through Mingala Taung Nyunt Township and then went down more or less straight to downtown. As we are in the rainy season most of the shreddy had disappeared by the time the runners came looking for it. The hares were reaaaaally helpful standing around with big grins on their faces pretending not to know where to go.

All in all the trail was about 4,8km long and a quite typical Yangon Full Moon trail: some bridges were crossed, some part of the trail was on railway tracks, one locked door cutting off the trail provided an additional obstacles and lots of mean-looking mud puddles had to be avoided. A notable focus of the trail was on passing especially mad and angry street dogs which provided some excitement and throwing-stones-at-dogs arm workout. Another highlight was the completely dark and muddy dumping ground which had to be crossed – if it was not one officially it sure felt and smelled like one.

There was one extended beer stop (beer supply problems – again) with quite interesting stories from the fellow local beer drinkers who turned out to be sailors keen on sharing stories on their travels.

The run finished in 52th street in the Green Gallery and lots of discussions followed on the location of the circle as due to police controls beer cannot be drunk in front of the restaurant. At the end – no surprise there- it was decided to squeeze all hashers inside into a tiny circle to be able to start drinking right away. Some other people also had decided to have dinner at Green Gallery that night and clearly enjoyed the coziness of a tightly packed space with sweaty hashers and beautiful hash songs with meaningful lyrics. Surprisingly the other guests left quite early and thus missed out on some of the circle highlights.

The circle was run by Smokeback Mountain and next to the usual stuff (lots of blaming and a hashy birthday song) a definite highlight was the transformation of Just Robin into Scot No Balls through the force of a nerdy StarWars enthusiast laser sword. It made up for the fact that due to the circle being inside of the Green Gallery, Robin got baptized with a lot less beer than normal during namings. But maybe that was not that bad as beer supply was –again- a bit of a problem. The food however was excellent and lifted all hashers into Curry-heaven.

The evening ended with the hares skipping out on the bill. They tried to blame it on Smokeback Mountain saying that he left with all the money in his car but honestly – isn’t it a bit stupid to leave the hash money in his car to start with???

By Kathrin Raabe