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Run #1550: The Sparkly Ockoberfest Hash (21 Oct)

Don’t miss this very special hash  event to celebrate one of the hash’s core values: drinking!

Hares: Ain’t Ze Bush and Comatose

Run Details: TBC, but will be normal start time and meeting place .

Run Cost: normal fee: 5000 MMK

OnOn Details: Oktoberfest celebration at the Rose Garden Hotel. YH3 will have two VIP tables reserved. Time: from 5pm until late

OnOn Cost: limited number of early bird tickets available for USD$45 (60 000 MMK).  Pay Hash Cash Little Boy directly to get your ticket.

Run #1540: Freedom Through Fire Run (12 Aug)

Will you be ready? Hell Fire awaits…
Only Brave Fools needed…. Dare to follow Prison Break and Free Lilly outside of the City for run #1540 on Saturday 12 August.

Meet at the usual time and place:

On, on.

Run #1539: Too Tight for Comfort Run (5 Aug)

Rainbow Balls and Smokeback Mountain are pairing up to Hare Run #1539 on Saturday 5 August.

The starting point by Star City Thanlyin can be found here:

On On to be at Bondi Bar

Meet at the usual time and place:

On, on.

Run #1536: A late 4th July run (15 July)


Despite reports and delays (to no fault of our own)… the 4th (15th) of July Hash is on like Donkey Kong.

The trail is in the city, yet carefully etched throughout Hash-friendly side streets of Yangon As per usual, there will be lots of mismanagement, BUT walkers will also be carefully considered and won’t get the dregs of the Hash. Kid and stroller friendly too.

Don your best RED, WHITE and BLUE apparel to help celebrate the great ol’US of A! There will be plenty of surprises and festivities (we mean lots of alcohol) from start to finish. We’ve also secured a great On On downtown for those who wish to continue with the merriment.

Fuck the Frenchie’s’ Bastille Day. We look forward to seeing you Saturday. God Bless America, Clifford the Big Red Cock, Freedom Fries and Little Boy

Meet at the usual time and place:

On, on.