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Full Moon Madness

It’s that time of the month again.

Straight from the Hare’s mouth.  Here are the basics.

This month’s night hash on the 24th, Sunday, at 6pm start, downtown ish run. It’s going to be INSANEly good.

 A mere 15k for a priceless memory and extra dose of fitness for your everyoung body? Who could put a price on beers with friends?

 More details to follow but a rough interest headcount would be helpful.

On On!



Full Moon Time Again

Barefoot and Nick have finally selected a date.  We are good to go for Sunday.  Apparently this run is a follow up of run 104 (no clue when that was).  I suppose I could count back from this month, but I am far too lazy for that type of complicated math.

There are rumors of a cultural experience and a sunset beer stop.  That sounds far too civilized for YH3.  Who knew we were so classy?

Date: Sunday, 27th October 2013

Time: 5:30 PM registration for a 6 PM kick-off

Place: Mickey Mouse Restaurant on University Avenue

Price: K 10,000 for your food and drink and entertainment

Full Moon Details – September 27

From our fearless leader:


The meeting place for the next Full Moon Hash will be the parking lot for Black Canyon Coffee on Ahlone Road at Yangon International Hotel (corner of Ahlone and Pyay Roads). Meet at 6:30 PM for a 7:00 PM start.

Bring a flashlight!

On On



And naturally, we need to await the arrival of the GM! There is still a need for someone to provide a write up of the last full moon hash.  Charlene was the lucky winner when volunteers were forcefully brought forward.  But I am sure she would appreciate some help.  I fear it will be in Afrikaans if we allow her to write unsupervised.

Full moon this month?

Ok, Hashers, I am sure that there is one in the works, but it’s nearly the end of September and no    word from Bo Bo on the date.  Shall I hold him responsible, or one of you?  Any one have details?    Once one of you lazy bastards actually gets me the info, I will re-post the details.  After the    amazing one last month, the September hares are probably just intimated.