IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! (Mainly for visitors & Virgins)

YH3 started in 2017 a movement where each Hasher/Harriette is encouraged to bring his/her own cup so no more plastic cups are used in the Hash. We would like to step it up a notch regarding plastic use: the Hash will NOT be providing small plastic bottles of water anymore.

You might be thinking: Whaaaattttt? No more water? how are we going to survive under the scorching sun?… do not despair, the Hash will still provide water, but everyone should come with a running bottle that we can fill up at any time… and don’t forget there’s beer anyway!

On On!

Next YH3 Run (Every Saturday):

Saturday, 13th July 2019
Hare: Naughty Shorty & Mosquito Dancer
Where: Yuzana Garden Hotel
Google Maps pin:
Time: Meeting point (2:30 pm), Starting point (3:00 pm)

Next Full Moon Hash (Once per month):

August 2019
Hares: TBA
Where: TBA
Google Maps pin: TBA
Time: 6:30 pm

General Info about YH3:

The Yangon Hash House Harriers (YH3) meets every Saturday afternoon at 2:30 PM [link to Meeting Point] for a fun run and a few beers.

The runs are non-competitive and are planned in such a way that everyone finishes within a few minutes of each other, irrespective of sporting ability. Indeed a goodly percentage of those taking part make no attempt at running whatsoever but enjoy a good walk.

The runs can take place anywhere in and around the environs of Yangon and, more often than not, take place “off road” so you should be prepared to encounter mud, water, livestock and perhaps the odd leech! It is a truism that you will see and go to places on the Hash that you would not normally even know existed and it can be a good way to see an alternative view of life in the ex-capital.

The runners, who currently age between a few months and the mid-eighties, have diverse backgrounds and ethnicity but the common thread is the social aspect of the run. Immediately after each Hash, refreshment is served in the shape of a few beers and any notable misdemeanours are publicly celebrated. Later in the evening, the members will meet up for a dinner and socialising can often go on to the wee hours if you are that way inclined.


A drinking club with a running problem