Run #1533: YH3 turns 37yrs + Erection Day + midsummer run (24 June)

YH3’s Summer Solstice (midsummer) Hash coincides with YH3’s 37th birthday (a prime number!!) AND we also get to hold YH3 Mis-Management Committee Erections …. which haven’t happened under the current dictatorship for so long that no one remembers how to conduct them 😦

Despite this, YH3 will attempt erections (elections/nominations/dobs) for various roles on the Mis-management Committee. Job descriptions & incumbent committee member names are published here >.

There is definitely a role on the committee that is perfectly suited to you – please do not be shy in putting up your hand, or asking someone to nominate you. All positions on the committee are completely thankless, unpaid, unrewarding and open to unfounded criticisms from your fellow hashers. They’re also definitely marketable/unique on your CV.

So, join us on a trail hared by Cock In Cock Out & Oral Titillation on 24 June, and stay around for what promises to be a debacle of an effort to confirm YH3’s ongoing Mis-management Committee.

Meet at the usual time and place:

On, on.