Run #1531: Bushy’s 10th Hare Bubbly celebration run (10 June)

Aint Ze Bush (aka Bushy) & Little Boy are teaming up once again to hare a YH3 trail (there is a serious bro-mance happening between those two, right?? Can we just re-name Run #1531 as the Bromance Run??)

Meet at the usual time and place:

Bushy has advised that the “site” is “Bushy’s ranch, resort, restaurant & beer station” (guessing that’s Point B, but it’s still a bit unclear) ….  Point A is the National Sports Complex, Pin Lon Road, North Dagon Township, with the Hare nominated as Little Boy, & the Stop Hare as Bushy.

There will be bubbly & hash food (Tom Yam Goong, Nasi Gorang, Beef Bok Choy, Szechuan Chicken, Spicy Watercress) at the end, so hashers are encouraged to RSVP (via the Facebook page, or email

On, on.