Run #1526: A well-regulated run (6 May)

Bouncing Balls and Mee Grob are your hares for YH3’s trail on 6 May, for a Point A to Point A trail out of the city centre.

The hares promise a trail with fresh air, out in the rice fields, with a hash “guarantee” of no asphalt roads and no car fumes (just the sweet aroma of chicken, pig, buffalo and horse manure).

The hares claim that the rural setting means “no beer stops” (???) and a trail that is not suitable for strollers (age discrimination). There WILL be beer at the end of the run (of course).

It will be a Point A to A run, with all hashers requested to meet at the usual meeting place (at the carpark opposite the entrance to Yangon University on University Avenue Rd, between Pyay & Inya Rds (, at 2.30pm for the carpool & convoy to the run site.

The On On On will be near the run site – Myanmar and Thai food & maybe some German sausages.

On, on.