Run #1525: Bushy’s bubbly Run (29 Apr)

Iron Maiden and Ain’t Ze Bush have exceeded in their ability to frustrate the hell out of GM with changing their haring dates. They’ll now hare on 29 April. For something different, the trail will be set out at Maidens Little Bush (across the river in Thanlyn), with a sunset, lakeside finish complemented with bubbly & hash finger food at the end of the Point A to Point A trail.

Meet at the usual time and place for the carpool & convoy to Point A:

The hares are promising a picturesque trail.

The On On On will be at Mahlzeit Restaurant (84 Pan Hlaing Street, Sanchaung). To continue International Beer Day, there will be a free flow of beer at the On On On.

Directions to Point A for those who live over that way (otherwise, see you at the usual meeting place, outlined above, at 2.30pm):

The start will be at the lake on the right side of the road in Banbwegon Township, at a place we named Maiden’s Little Bush at one of the previous runs.

After the Thanlyin bridge go straight. At the fork in front of the big pagoda, follow left, on the road towards the floating pagoda.

Go straight and pass the Thanlyin Technical University, then straight at the intersection with the road to Thilawa.

A bit further down will be a lake on your right. The start is inside the gated entrance (staff will be around to unlock/open the gate), at the place christened Maiden’s Little Bush.

A non-interactive map of Point A was provided by the hares for Run #1485 >.

On, on.