Run #1519 and 1520: Chaung Tha Outstation (24-27 March)

Re-published for historical record-keeping purposes:

YH3’s Outstation will be held at Chaung Tha, on 24-27 March 2017 (with Monday as a public holiday – Happy Armed Forces Day!). Details of the accommodation options, costs, registered Hashers, & registration details are provided below. The Outstation “Mis-Management Committee” currently comprises Weed Wanker & Little Boy – contact them with queries (& to register with Little Boy).

NB: There will be no Hash in Yangon on 25 Saturday!

The deadline for Outstation registration was 18 March 2017 (open to negotiation if you ask hashily). Last payments before incurring a beer tax of 20,000 kyat (and not securing your bus seat) is to Little Boy, at the Savoy Hotel bar, Wednesday 22 March.

The plan is to travel on Friday and back on Monday by private bus.

There will be an aqua hash: a swim of maybe 400m along the beach. If you have goggles, caps, flippers etc, bring them with you!

Hashers Denis and War War (aka D&W) will be hosting at their cozy beach resort near beautiful mangroves and coconut grove trails.


D&W restaurant and bungalows will be exclusively for the HASH crowd and closed to the public for 25, 26, 27 March.

os01Accommodation options: 

D&W have a number of accommodation options, from a newly completed bungalow option, to dormitory-style or camping (BYO tent). Hashers must book their accommodation directly with D&W – phone 09422444675 or

There are also a plethora of other accommodation options at Chaung Tha – the Hill Garden Resort has bungalows at around 50,000 kyat, or you could try the Coral Hotel (which is closer up the beach from D&W). Check out (or other online sites) for these & other options.

Accommodation options with Hashers D&W:

  1. One of nine newly completed bungalows, available on a first booked first served basis. Each room has a mix of beds for 2 or 3 persons per bungalow @ 50,000 kyat per bungalow fixed price. The cost of the bungalows covers up to three people, including towels, toiletries and drinking water. Individuals can book bungalows for up to three guests and sleep as many extras in excess as desired @ 6000kyat per head in excess of three bodies. An estimated 30 people can stay this way.

2. A bed in a local style bamboo dormitory (BYO linen), which has 4 rooms, each able to accommodate 3-4 persons per room @ 6,000 kyat per person. Toilets, showers and drinking water will be provided. Those not booking the available beds in the bungalows need to bring their own bedding.

3. A “space” or bed in a large spare bedroom in the main house, which has a double bed and plenty of floor space for 3 to 4 others (a family?) @ 6000 kyat per person (toilets, showers and drinking water will be made available – BYO bedding/linen).

4. Pitch a tent, or roll out your swag (for the Australians) in the camping area @ 6000 kyat per person (toilets, showers and drinking water will be made available – BYO bedding/linen/swag).

As noted above, if you’re staying with D&W contact them directly to book – phone 09422444675 or

os03Hash transport:

Meet at the usual Hash meeting point at 6pm on Friday. The bus will wait for no man (or woman or Hasher). In the event of a crisis, please call Little Boy on 09 454 125 136.

Don’t forget to bring your passport:

You will need to bring your passport or a copy of the picture page plus your last entry stamp for registration formalities at the beach.

Food and drinks – 75,000 kyat per person (for the entire weekend):

Meals will be provided at a set price of 75,000 kyat per person for the weekend. This includes breakfast, lunch & dinner on Saturday; brunch & dinner on Sunday; breakfast on Monday.

Guaranteed no one will go hungry.

YH3 will bring drinks along. In the event all YH3 alcohol runs out, stocks will be supplied at the usual price. Fresh fruit juices can be purchased separately, and drinking water is provided.

Payment and registration to Little Boy

Payment & registration:

All those interested in attending the Outstation should register with Little Boy ( (registration via the FB page also accepted if it’s coherent). You need to advise the names of attendee(s), if you require a seat on the Hash bus (to Chaung Tha & back to Yangon), and if you have any dietary requirements.

  • Pre payment of 75,000 kyat (for food, drinks & trails) is required to confirm your attendance at the Outstation (payment to Little Boy). Little Boy will be at the YH3 Hash in Yangon on 11 March and he’s always propping up the bar at The Savoy on Wednesday nights from 7pm – he will accept payment at those times & places.
  • Transportation costs for a return trip on the bus will be approx. 25,000 kyat (this is not applicable if you’re going to drive) – transportation costs still TBC (dependent on confirmed numbers).

Accommodation payment must be made directly to D&W on/before 24 March (discuss payment with D&W when you book your accommodation).

As a guide (draft itinerary):

Welcome Friday night (late arrival) after departing Yangon at 6pm (from the usual meeting place on University Avenue Rd)

Light Lunch
Hash Outstation Trail(s)
Main dinner: Roast pig, seafood, vegetarian dishes, etc

Hash Outstation Trail(s)
Main dinner: soups, seafood, curries, vegetarian dishes, etc.

Lunch if required

Sincere apologies from the webmistress for any confusion caused due to the publication of the incorrect Outstation price (60,000 kyat). The correct cost is 75,000 kyat per person for food & drinks. To be paid to Little Boy.

IMG_0823Current registered attendees:

1. Little Boy (Nick Edwards)
2 + 3. Weed Wanker + Insituasian (Steve & Choo)
4. Prison Break
5 – 9. Lubricunt (Paul + Coleman family + two)
10. She likes it Down Under (?) (Dianna Brennan)
11. Wonderbra (Uta)
12. David Tansey
13 – 14. Oral Titilation + Cock In Cock Out (Christa & Matt)

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