Run #1518: Hashy Nuptials Run (18 Mar)

Boring F*cker and Sleeping on the Knob are getting hitched, getting old, leaving YH3, and haring Run #1518 on Saturday 18 March.

Our lovebird hares have penned the following message, with details of this week’s On, On, as they prepare for life’s next big adventures:

“Yours truly, Boring Fucker and Sleeping on the Knob, will depart from Yangon in a few short weeks to destinations unknown.

You’ve been a wonderful hash family, if such a thing exists, but it’s time to chase shreddy elsewhere or perhaps to wander off paper all together.

But don’t fret! We are setting one last Hash in Yangon on March 18th. If that’s not enough reason to celebrate, did we mention that we’re also getting hitched soon and BF is turning 30 this month?

If that still isn’t enough to make you cum, or at least stop sleeping on the knob, perhaps you could be enticed by a very special On On graciously hosted by our awesome friends (see below) immediately after the circle (yay!).

So let’s just throw everything together in one big getting married/getting older/getting the hell out of here piss up!

Come join us and witness a truly spectacular feat of mismanagement and debauchery.”

Meet at the usual time and place (Today’s Point A, trail start, is at the meeting point):

About the On On:

Comatose, Le Pimp, Freedom Fries and Bashful Bladder are hosting a special On-On to celebrate the fact Sleeping on the Knob and Boring Fucker will be able to fornicate without striking the ire of the All Knowing. An official Hash wedding ceremony will be held.

Booze, music and location (Golden Valley) will be sponsored by the hosts.

For those of you joining the wedding celebration we ask you contribute 5,000 kyat (or $US5) towards food. Please RSVP to Comatose ( and Freedom Fries ( so we know how much to prepare.

On, on.