Run #1517: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Hash (11 Mar)

It’s a “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”, Point A to Point A trail for YH3’s Run #1517 on Saturday 11 March.

The Hares (Jess, Anna & Hannah) have advised that the trail will be well marked (as usual) and Point A is the jetty to Seikyikhanaungto, which is at the river just off Strand Road and opposite the bottom of 5th Street. There’ll be one beer stop on trail. The trail IS stroller friendly (if the stroller can go on a boat).

For those who don’t live downtown, tourists who don’t know Yangon well, Hashers with cars who don’t live downtown, YH3 & hash Virgins, & the generally geographically challenged (Helping Hand?) meet at the usual time and place:

On, on.