Run #1510: “Bratwurst, Bier & Brezn-Run” Run (21 Jan)

Bouncing Balls, Slippery Discharge (& possibly Scott No Balls) are haring Run #1510 and promising a trail between 6 – 16 kms, two beer stops and a BBQ finish.

Bouncing Balls provided the following details for Saturday’s hash:

“Bouncing Balls and Slippery Discharge (and possibly Scott No Balls) will bring you the first Ballbreaker Run this year…NOT.

After raising serious objections on the length of the run and pointing out the rather poor health conditions of not only the hares but one or two other people of our group after the festive season, it was decided to considerably shorten this Saturday’s trail.

We are now down to something between six and 16 kilometers, but will still finish with a BBQ, serving the finishers some sausages, beer and pretzels.

The Run is from A to B, will involve two beer stops and should be parents & children friendly.”

Meet at the usual time and place:

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