Full Moon Hash #146: Thur 26 Jan (not 19 Jan)

YH3’s Full Moon Hash for January 2017 will be held with NO MOON on Thursday 26 January, with our esteemed GM promoting it as follows:

“A previous announcement notified you that the Full Moon Run had been rescheduled from 20 Jan to 19 Jan – IGNORE THAT MESSAGE!

The Hares now advise that Full Moon Run #146 will be held on Thursday 26 January and it will be the day before the New Moon, so do not expect to be running by the light of a silvery moon. In fact there will be bugger all light at all – so bring a torch!

The meeting time will be 6.45pm, which should allow you sufficient time to get from work to the meeting point.

Meeting Point: Tooth Relic Pagoda (near to the Total office where several Saturday Hashes have commenced in the recent past). The Hare says to meet at the main entrance, about 100 metres from the Naga Cave Pagoda, by which I presume he means the eastern entrance.

The easiest way to get there is probably to head out of town along Pyay Road as if going to the airport. Take the flyover at 8-mile (at the junction with Kaba Aye Pagoda Road where the Yangon City Hotel is situated) and continue north towards the airport for about another kilometre. Turn right at Shwe Hninsi Street and follow it all the way past the big lake on your right and past the Total office on your left to a T-junction. Turn right and stop outside the main entrance to the Tooth Relic Pagoda.”

Cost: 15,000 kyat per hasher (which includes beers and a meal).

NB: The trail is not stroller friendly, so our younger hashers will have to wear their running shoes.

Don’t forget to pack portable lighting (head-lamp, torch, etc) and consider wearing high-visibility clothing. It’s Yangon & dark on the streets after 6pm.

Celebrations will undoubtedly include some free beverages for folks from Australia and India – celebrating their national days.

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