Run #1508: First run of 2017 (7 Jan)

YH3’s first run for 2017 is proudly (& generously) brought to you by last-minute hares Titty Titty Bling Bling, Dirty Choir Boy and Bushy (after Rehan Baig’s last minute bail-out, and subsequent public shaming). Bring your swim suits – & a change of clothes for the On, On, On, On!

bushyMeet at the usual time and place on Saturday 7 January:

For those who need to future plan and know where they’ll be getting down & dirty, then refreshed with a lake swim, the hares provide the following info. Bring your dancing shoes with your change of clothes if you’re up for the On, On, On, On with the Ayeyerwaddy Dare Devils gig at 7th Joint from 9pm.

From the Hares:

Welcome to the New Years first hash

To get rid of all those excesses you put on during the festive season, your Hares have mis-managed to dis-organize an excellent trail at the 2016-christened “Maidens Little Bush” (across the river in Thanlyn).

It’s a Point A to Point A trail, with a bubbly sunset finish at the most Hashturesque site in Thanlyn.

Please bring your swimmers, or if not, your birthday suite. Make sure you have a shower before entering the water and please refrain from peeeing in the water.

Hash snacks will be provided at the end of the run. The On On will be at the Bush Meat Restaurant. Hashes who were there the last time enjoyed the Bush Meat & drank all their beer.  To ensure we do not fall short of meat and beer in the New Year, the Hares would appreciate it if you could let them know if you are turning up tomorrow. Strictly for catering (email the GM @, reply on Facebook or send a message to one of the hares, Aruna G, Nicholas R, or Verity R).

HHHappy HHHashing

From your hares, Bushy, Dirty Choir Boy, and Titty Titty Bling Bling

On, on