YH3’s Run #1500: Sunday 13 November

Join us for YH3’s Run #1500  the final event of a weekend of celebrations & hashiness.

Run #1500 celebrations kick off on Friday 11 November with a Full Moon Hash, followed by Run #1500 Foreplay (ie Run #1499) run on Saturday 12 November.

The climax of festivities is a 10am Sunday run, with more beer drinking, feasting & general misbehaving & celebrating post-hash.

Meet at the usual venue – the carpark opposite the entrance to the Yangon University, University Avenue Rd (between Pyay & Inya Roads). 5,000 Myanmar Kyat per person (includes transport to Point A, an exclusive Run #1500 tshirt, beers on the hash & in the circle).

For those driving/living north of the usual meet-up venue, Point A is outside Parami Pizza, on Parami Rd.

Hares: Little Boy & Aint Ze Bush (aka Bushy)

The On On On is a $US35 all inclusive debauchery of food, free flow bubbles, wine and beer from 11:30am until 2:30pm. Every Hasher will pay for themselves on the day. Although RSVPs/registrations are now closed, non-registered hashers will be accepted if there is extra space – so although it is first in best dressed, ALL runners are accepted.

Exclusive Run #1500 tshirts are provided to those registered & participating in Run #1500 – all registered participants have priority for t-shirts in the order in which they have registered. Late-cummers get a shirt depending on their order of signing-in on the registration book on the day.

Change rooms and showers will be available post-run, but “limited”, so we’ll be accommodated in the garden where it doesn’t matter if we stink and we can set up our own bar (BYO anti-malaria, anti-dengue, anti-zika, anti-annoying itchy-bites repellent & sunscreen).

RSVP ASAP to Little Boy (who has the run list) or to GM Bobo Hot Pants, yh3gm@yahoo.com.

A current list of all registered participants for the weekend of Run #1500 is available HERE (Excel).

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