Run #1497: Life begins at 40 hash (29 Oct)

Young Freedom Fries is getting older, and celebrating the occasion with his hashy friends & a “life begins at 40” hash.

ffAs this will be a Halloween & birthday extravaganza, all hashers are encouraged to come in dress ups/costume. There is no specific costume “theme”, so you can come in a Halloween costume, 1970’s attire (in recognition of the decade that gave us Freedom Fries), maybe some red, white & blue (in recognition of the country that gave us Freedom Fries), or a retired Ronald McDonald clown costume (linking Halloween & Fries quite nicely).

The run will be approx. 12km and the stroller-friendly walk approx. 6km (about one third off-road and two thirds on big city streets). The start point is next to Thuwana indoor stadium, but it’s probably easiest for most hashers to meet at the usual time and place on Saturday 29 October & travel to Point A via the traditional car-pool. Meeting:

Midgie has promised some tantalizing Tuborg Beer taste testings (at the circle).

The subsequent On, On will be at 50th Street, where hashers have a special food & beverage package (details on the Community Service Announcements page). 50th Street is hosting a 2-day, live-music “spooktacular” in honor of Freedom Fries’ 40th birthday – prizes for best Halloween costume.

Hashie birthday, Freedom Fries!

On, on.