Run #1490: It ain’t over til the Tassie girl sings (10 Sep)

Maria Phallus is haring run #1490 – only 10 runs ’til YH3 hits #1500 (have you registered & volunteered your services yet?).

Meet at the usual time & place:

  • 2.30pm
  • At the carpark opposite the Uni entrance, University Avenue Rd, between Pyay & Inya Roads

And for those who are located around Sanchaung (or generally south of University Avenue Rd), Maria Phallis offers the following:

“The shitty trail will start in Sanchaung. If you think you’re too cool to go to University you can be a prick and meet at corner of Shin Saw Pu and Chan Thar St (behind CityMart Myanigone)
On on 🐾”

Run #1490 is apparently a bit of a singing hash, “It ain’t over ’til the Tassie girl sings”, making it a musically themed weekend – have you booked your tickets for MIRA, staring Titty Titty Bling Bling, for Sunday 11 September?

Post-run update: Maria Phallis penned this special tune for Run #1490.

(To the tune of A Whole New World [that song from Aladdin])

I can show you Yangon
Slimy, slippery, dirty
Fall down a hole and hurties
Nope just Smokeback Mountain; he’s a goof
I can open your wounds
Introduce new bacteria
Denge Fever, malaria
Or a cough that lasts all year
So wash your hands
Or find new fantastic ways to poo
Street food might fuck you up
Yes it’ll reck your butt
Don’t say I didn’t warn you
A golden land
Where people smile and spit all day
But when I’m with the hash
I see lots of trash
And then drink lots of Yoma Beer with you
A shitty trail
That’s where we’ve just been
A thrilling chase
But not a race
For you and meeeeeeeee