Run #1474: More of a birthday hash than a last hash

Immaculate Selection and Kiddie Fiddler are haring Run #1474 on Saturday 21 May. You are advised to bring children, swimwear and photo ID, with further details from Bambi/Immaculate Selection as follows.

It is really, bloody hot out there!

If you would like a run that is:
– NOT crazy long
– green and leafy
– you don’t have to drive too far to
– has a doable walk for the kiddies
– ends at a pool
– and has freebie food and drinks as the On On On straight after the circle (in honour of my impending 39+1 birthday) then this is the run for you!

Please bring photo ID with you on the run though!


Bambi/Immaculate Selection (+ Kiddie Fiddler)

So, there is no Point A to advise, but we know that it’s not far from the regular meeting point,  located opposite the main gate to the old university on University Avenue Road, between Inya Road and Pyay Road. Meet there at 2.30pm.