Run #1471: Mee Grob’s well-researched run

YH3 will be blessed with the company of visitors from the Ladies of the Hong Kong Hash House Harriers, LH4, this weekend. A highlight will undoubtedly be Mee Grob’s “Well-researched run” on Saturday 30 April (Run #1471), with some “teaser” directions and mis-information as follows …..MeeGrob

Meet at 2.30pm at the usual meeting place – Yangon University carpark on University Rd (between Inya and Pyay Roads).

The mis-instructions from Bobo Hotpants are “Since we will have an additional 30 Harriettes (any single men out there might like to note this fact), it would be appreciated if people could arrive at the meeting point early so that we can complete all of the registration formalities and depart on time.”

The run will be an A to A run, outside of Yangon, in the rice paddies.

Mee Grob has promised to distribute copies of directions to Point A (in both Myanmar & English) when we gather at the meeting place (Yangon University). But who knows if he’ll actually deliver.

Apparently, the directions will look something like this (but will be more accurate and up-to-date on Saturday). Please note that all measurements are estimates & require quality assurance from the hare.

  • Drive to Hledan Crossing and turn right onto Pyay Road (heading out of the city)
  • Turn left at Yangon Hotel (8 Mile) under the flyover bridge (do not use flyover) onto Kyaik Waing Pagoda Rd (which later becomes Thamine Train Station Rd. and Yangon – Pathein Rd.)
  • Cross Bayint Naung Bridge 2
  • At the first roundabout turn left and proceed approx. 13.9 km (TBC). You will be able to spot km markers in regular intervals along this road.
  •  Turn right onto a small road (about 100 m before the km 14 marker) at a small wooden shack.
  • Drive a few hundred meters down this small road and park on your right hand side.

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