Message from your Saturday’s hares

Guten Tag, Shones Hashers und Harriettes!
This Saturday is German Unity Day, and to celebrate, your hares have laid on eine kleine Deutche-themed Hash! Forget all this Bavarian semi-autonomous nonsense…this week’s hash is to celebrate every corner of the beautiful federal republic of Germany.
So, we would ask you to don your best RED, BLACK and GOLD running clothes and make your way to the start circle for a celebration of social democracy, fiscal prudence, and of course sh*tloads of sausages!
With proper German efficiency, we’ve made sure the finish point has several showers you can use, so feel free to bring a change of clothes. You may also wish to bring a swimsuit and towel as we might be somewhere in the vicinity of a rather nice pool (not wishing to give away the exact location for all you short-cutting bastards!)
On on!
Your hares:
Angela, Gerhard, Otto Von Bismark, Wolfgang, und Ze Token Actual German
(aka Titty Titty Bling Bling, Mike, Dirty Choirboy, Andrew, and Fabian)