Run 1435

Brought to you by Rainbow Balls and his lovely assistant, Fun Size Kit Kaphoto

This run was clearly the best run of the season.  Not that this hare would dare provided biased reporting.  After a long drive out to Thalin, the hashers were treated to a an angry manager of the Thanlin Golf Club.  Nothing like a minor verbal altercation to get everyone in the hashing mood.  The run was quickly rerouted thanks to Rainbow Balls and his expert knowledge of the area.  Bypassing the golf club, the run took the pack through several villages and Yangon suburbia.  Lakes, geese and a small pagoda greeted YH3 along the way. The end of the run was a long loop to find the other entrance to Star City, meet up with the walkers, and wade through extensive thick mud.

As promised, Sammy G was in attendance to rely the exciting news that 50th Street has welcomed us back with a great deal including 8 drinks!  The pack was thrilled by this offer of cheap booze and the On On took place at 50th watching the rugby.  Boat races and other frivolity ensued.