Run 1433

The monsoon rains did their best to thwart Emily and Paul’s plans.  But fear not, the YH3 is a tough bunch.  However,  a notably smaller group turned out for Saturday’s run (the rest of you are a bunch of pansies). We headed to the completely unknown and new starting point of Insein train station and headed off through the wild streets of Yangon.  Highlights of the run were the entire pack wandering aimlessly through the train tracks, several narrowly missing the train itself, as we were all horribly off paper, and a steep climb over a wall where several hash males seemed far too happy to boost ladies who were not in need of any help.

The run ended at the home of our hares and included tasty snacks to make Smokeback Mountain’s rant more palatable.  The run would be considered a complete success, yet it cannot be overlooked that a brand new hasher was lost somewhere on the run and left to fend for herself.