Run in Brief – August Full Moon

A smattering of hashers appeared at the Shwe Li Hline beer station read to brave the elements and take part in this month’s running in the dark.  Things were off to a rocky start with limited pre full moon run beer provided and a virgin wearing new shoes.  After some beer was finally consumed, the run commenced with large scale confusion and a leaderless pack.  However, the run did go on with the usual check and train crossings.  It does appear that the hares went searching for the most stray dog infested streets of downtown, leaving many hashers to run with rocks in their hands.  Oh joy. The lovely beer stop was a pleasant interruption.  It was discovered at this point that two walkers had disappeared.  No search parties were sent, but their absence was noted.  The run finished at the Green Gallery with lovely Thai food.  Beer again was not as plentiful as hashers like.  The circle was squeezed into the small restaurant, allowing all the patrons to listen to our songs and a naming, due to a police dislike of booze consumption in the street outside this particular establishment.  Nevertheless, Smokeback Mountain ran an entertaining circle and managed to finally name the hare, who is constantly mistaken for Analist.  Robin will forever be known as ‘Scot No Balls.