Mekong Indochina Hash

For those of you who are new to YH3 or have been living under a rock, we are hosting the Mekong Indochina Hash this year.  The blessed event shall take place November 6-8.  Spaces are limited so sign up today!

The site should have all the information that you require.
Note: Yangon Hashers have been requested to pay in cash only.  Please email me if this will be a major issue.
There has also been major confusion as to who you should pay.  Matt shall be taking your payments on Saturdays.  See Which Matthew? for identification of said Matt.
Pass the word on to all those interested.  Currently regular registration is suspended.  You will need to email Fun Size Kit Kat (Comms Queen) for the link.
After July 15th you will be able to register directly from the site.