Saturday’s run information and other random tidbits

Attention all those running this Saturday! 
Special On On/end point: 

You need to bring ID to be allowed in, a swim suit (hooker bikinis and manikis are encouraged) and a change of clothes to avoid being smelly.

ID should be carried on you during the run.  If that seem impossible due to rain/you are Iron Maiden/lack of pockets and alternative will be made available to you.  The hares have a few days to figure out what this alternative is! 

More information on the American t-shirts
Despite my begging and pleading, there will only be Mens sizes available.  Keep that in mind when ordering. 

Webmistress out of the country 
I will be gone for nearly two months as I am a teacher and we don’t really work.  I would greatly appreciated a run in brief from someone a few times to keep the website alive. Send me a collection of words, sentences or even photos to give the readers a brief idea of the run.  I will regularly check the hasher email.
Appreciate the help!
Fun Size Kit Kat