Details – June

See the exciting details below.  Ladies, pay attention!

Full Moon Hash “Make it rain on them hoes” 
by Cum Chuckler
Beautiful women are encouraged to apply as co-hare
Date: Friday, 12 June 2015

Start: Sein Hlyan, 16 Sayer San Road, Bahan Township (16°49’3.74″N, 96° 9’29.70″E)

Meet: 18:30
Run: 19:00
Pay: 15,000 MMK
A to A, or A to close B run
Disclaimer: In the very unlikely event of rain, the Full Moon Hash might turn into a “Live Hash” or a “Take care of your own dinner Hash” 🙂

No RSVP needed as Cum Chuckler with do nothing with the informatin.  Ah, such a hasher!