Run In Brief

Ah, Le Pimp.  When he sets a run, you can be assured that he will force you to run through the Valley that is Golden and end at his home.  While there is always plenty of grumbles on the valley running bit, the snacks and other hosting highlights more than make up for it.  Ekci and Steve were employed to aid the madness and apparently couldn’t persuade him to alter his usual plan.

We started at Bangkok Kitchen and took the first of many main roads.  The rumor was two beer stops and less than 10 K so when myself and Iron Maiden were lost and 7 K out, we figured the beer stops had been missed.  With no choice we trotted on,  past the Race Course only to discover the beer stop was indeed in front of us.  The rest of the pack caught up and off we went, fearing the beer stop was only a third of the way through and we were looking at 18 K+.  The gods were kind.  The run was the promised 10 K and the final beer stop was a stone’s throw from the assumed end point.  Snacks, circle and a few sex tourists rounded out the evening.