Full Moon Details

Pigs are flying and Hell has frozen over! The hares have provided the secrets of their full moon plans well before the expected noon on Thursday deadline.  Perhaps the eclipse inspired them!

 Where: NE corner of the Secretariat building at the corner of Anawratha and Thein Byu Roads.

When: Meet and register at 6:30 pm for a prompt 7 pm start

Who: You of course – and you are allowed to bring friends

What: A Run, A Circle, Eating, Drinking, more drinking and, if you get lucky who knows what might happen?

Why: Why not? You got anything better to do on a Thursday night?

Cost: Still to be decided but no more than K 15,000

RSVP so there will be plenty of food and drink for all.

Megan Quirk [meganquirk@gmail.com]

David Abrahamson [davidsipa13@gmail.com]