Full Moon Details

Well, at least they didn’t wait until the actual day!  Here are the details from the hares.  Yep, they just sent it to me.

Dear Harriers and Harriettes,
Florence and I would hereby like to cordially invite you to a unforgettable evening under the stars to run, laugh, drink and be merry. The event will culminate with an amazing buffet at an undisclosed swanky soiree. 

Well… we will be under the stars, though there is no guarantee you’ll be able to see them beneath the city lights and smog. The evening will likely be unforgettable…especially if you get lost or fall into a giant sewage hole. In any case, the end point is tops and well worth the slightly above average cost. Details below:

Start Time: 6:30 PM
Starting Point: Beer station next to Port Autonomy. A map to Port Autonomy is attached.
Ending Point: Wouldn’t you like to know.
Cost: 20,000 Kyat (yes, cough it up you cheap bastards)
Free Shirt? – Sorry, it’s not my birthday and I don’t need to advertise. 
Please send an RSVP email to myself and Florence so that we can prepare food and drinks accordingly. bjrobertson87@gmail.com
On On,
Florence and Boring Fucker (not “the Machine”)
Port Autonomy Directions