Run in Brief


Friday night was the full moon for December.  Dr. No appeared at Friendship restaurant looking a little worse for the wear armed with two bags a flour.  Never a good sign when he was supposed to have already set the trail!  There were claims of a power nap gone wrong.  Luckily Prison Break and Gigolo Joe were on hand to save the day.  The boys grabbed the flour and took off with a 20 minute head start on a live hare run.  Our fearless leader reappeared from his death rumors to walk the trail.  The boys avoided the obvious Golden Valley route and headed around Shwedagon (yeah, we have never run there before).  The pack was abused for missing a key turn and short cutting as the flour disappeared.  Rumor has it we missed the best part of the run! Dr. No nearly redeemed himself with food, beer, whiskey and wine at Friendship.

Saturday Comatose and Le Pimp set their first Yangon trail.  They get mad props for starting at the meeting point, thus avoiding the horrible Yangon traffic and the possibility of losing half the pack.  The run went through some old favorites like the university and Golden Valley. Many a hasher groaned at the GV loops, but all in all they did a fine job.  11 K for the FRBs and snacks at the end shut up the moaners.  The pack was mainly tourists (sex tourists we all suspect) as the Yangon regulars have fled the country in search of colder, more Christmasy pastures.  photo (1)

And now begins the three weeks of Barefoot’s runs.  If you are here for Jan. 3, he would appreciate a week off.  Volunteers?