Full Moon Run in Brief

I was forced to interview hashers on trail Saturday for the full moon experience.  Naturally, a couple of days on, I have forgotten key details and I am now forced to take artist liberties in this description.

The full moon began promptly at 7 with over 50 hashers in attendance.  (Note: It would be nice if you last minute slackers actually RSVPed)  The run was long, unlike the Saturdays of late, giving many of the FRBs 12 K in the rain on a Friday night!  The highlight was the end of the run.  Food and booze were plentiful and last all night  Special thanks to the nonhasher, Trish, who dealt with the need for extra food and set up a great buffet.  It should also be mentioned that the hares helped by actually making their own food.  It turns out catering in Yangon is cheap when you do it yourself! 

There were no reports of scandalous events or exciting rescues, much to the Web Mistress’s upset.  I may have to start embellishing the events just to keep the readers interested.

If only our buffets were this fancy!