Silence is broken

The Webmistress has been on vacation, escaping the rains of Yangon.  Despite her pleas to the YH3 crew, no one has sent information on the coming and goings of the group.  Therefore, she was faced with the dilemma of spreading false information or continuing her vow of silence.  The distracts of vacation took over and silence was the preferred option.  Finally, the blessed GM replied to her requests and knowledge shall be imparted on you, the lovely reader of this questionable at best blog.  

Run in Brief: (From last Saturday, whatever date that might be) Run?  What run?  4.3 Km lasting a mere half hour – Bet the BRBs were happy! 

Rumors of a full moon run this month have been whispered.  

Anyone with additional information that won’t put people to sleep as they attempt to read this glorious online babble, do send it on to the Webmistress so the world will stop regretting subscribing to the RSS feed from this site.