Full Moon Run in Brief

From the mouth of a hasher…

Mickey’s was the place to be on Wednesday night at 1830hrs, when an influx of loudly dressed foreigners descended in their luminous yellow T-shirts and head torches to drink beer and sing songs as monthly night pre-running vigil was observed. A few choice words from the hares – scantily clad Fun Size Kitkat and Russian Alex – and the hash was off charging around Golden Valley. 3 shot stops (vodka, rum and tequila respectively) and the pack enjoyed a sprint finish between Inya Road vegetable market and U Wisara to finish at House of Memories. Cue more frivolities, a boisterous circle, 90 bottles of beer, a bottle each of rum, gin, vodka and tequila, and an argument for global supremacy between a Russian and a German, and the night was complete.

On On. 

Major Discharge