Full Moon in March

We are back from a great weekend at the beach.  There was a mankini, a new and improved beer wench, mass namings and lots of beer.  All in all, a very hashy weekend!

This month the Webmistress and her faithful Russian buddy, Alex, will be setting the full moon run.  Keep an eye out for more details, but here are the basics.  Hope to see you there!

Where: The hash meeting point (easier to find your way)

When: Wednesday, March 26 (27th is a national holiday)

Who: Alex and Fun Size Kit Kat (aka Webmistress) 

What: A drinking focused run with a lovely, tasty end point

Why: What else do you have to do on a Wednesday night? 

More details to follow.  Email yangonhasher@gmail.com to RVSP.