The clock is ticking

Hashers So you have been putting off signing up for the Outstation.  Next week, you tell yourself.  There will still be spaces.  After all, these are hashers, they don’t really do anything in a timely fashion. 

But that was before four women decided to organize the Outstation Event.  Little did you know that spots would fill up and these hot hares would stick to, dare I say, the deadlines!  

This Saturday, February 15th, marks the final day for payment and signups for the Outstation Hash 2014 Ngwe Saung.  Don’t delay.  With the bus nearly full, grab your space before someone else does. 

For those of you living under a rock (or new to town), details:

Dates: March 7-9, Depart around 6 pm from Golden Valley

Cost:  200,000 (shared), 260,000 (single)

What you get: two runs, hotel, booze, breakfast, Saturday dinner, four hot hares, booze, Sunday lunch, t-shirt, the company of hashers, possible mankini wearers, booze

Email: to sign up

Payment due: February 15th