Outstation Info!

Sign up and pay by February 15th or you will miss out on all the fun.

Attention Hashers,
We have claimed for several weeks now that an Outstation hash would indeed take place.  It took four gorgeous women, but never fear, we have done it.  It is now officially time to sign up for your space on the Ngwe Saung Outstation.  Details below.
Let’s get the painful part out of the way. Cost: 200,000 kyatts
But why?
Glad you asked.  You will get transportation to the beach and back, hotel room for two nights (additional charge for single rooms), dinner Saturday night, lunch on Sunday, a t-shirt and your booze for the weekend.  Clearly, the last one is the largest percent of the fee!
When: March 7-9
Let’s get out there before it gets so hot we can’t move.  And frankly, the lovely ladies planning this madness are a busy bunch.  It’s quite possibly the only weekend before June all four were free.
Why: There are rumors of Jamie’s swimwear.  If that isn’t a reason to go, I don’t know what is.
How to sign up: Email the webmistress at yangonhasher@gmail.com
Include t-shirt size, hash name, double or single room and a photo of you in swimwear for the webmistress’s approval (single men only)
Bring 200,000 kyatts to hash on a Saturday by FEBRUARY 15.
On On,
The webmistress, Wunderbra, No Foreplay and Do It Quickly