If you missed out on Saturday

Here is a little tidbit from someone who wasn’t too lazy to run.

We stated the hash at FMI and for those of us who knew the hare there was suspicion the end would be rather close to the start.  However, more of that later.  Straight way we headed out of FMI and started to run around the informal settlements along the river.  After a false trail or two a group of FRBs and BRBs ending up finding them selves somewhat lost with the locals none the wiser of where to go.  After quite a while of searching we were very happy to see midgie with the walkers.  It was then a long slog along the river to the beer stop where we were reunited with the rest of the pack.  After  that we headed back into the informal settlements and back down south towards FMI where we ran through the new housing development including a very ugly looking castle!  And just as we started the circle the SCB who thought he knew the end, turned up to much cheers!