Full Moon in brief

From the hare:

Started with champagne and caviar at the governor’s residence before a rude awakening through a crowded hospital complex nearby, through some shanty type tunnels and ruining kids’ football matches. Complaints about lack of paper (or flour in this case) came quicker and louder than usual, because the hare forgot that it would be dark so hid most of the flour in grass and round posts. But the group managed to get back up to ahlone road to stretch their legs on a straight patch up to people’s park, and into the car park for a beer stop, where about half of the pack wound up. The hare ran frantically around and back to find the others but after a few minutes had to deal with the loss and move on. By that time everyone had run straight past the beautifully laid trail through a glorious vista of the shwedagon to run out of the park and along the road, inhaling exhaust fumes and looking at tarmac. Fools! By some black magic they wound up on trail again and through the pagoda park up and round the shwedagon to the west, over the little bridge to the other pagoda next to it. Again the pack ignored another beautiful unexpected feature laid by the hare, out through a hidden exit down mud steps and forgotten housing complex, in favour of more tarmac and fumes. Again somehow managed to end up at the end point in Kandawgi Park for a circle next to the lake and a meal at Signature, where everyone praised the hare’s intense good looks and inevitable success in future endeavors.