The run in brief

For those of you too lazy to read the regular run report, or to lazy to hash to pick up the latest Hash Trash, I have decided to start a new weekly feature – the run summary.  If you find yourself with enough energy post run and want to put in your two cents, email me your thoughts.

Here is a little soundbite from one of last week’s participants.

For last week’s run, the hairs chose a beautiful area. However the Hares chose the ugliest, leech infested, shiggy filled way to explore that area. We had a hosted race style finish at the Dagon brewery, and as many runners learned, the all malt supplement beverage handed to them at the finish was filled with an “unexpected and dense” flavor at the end of a hard 10k in the Yangon heat.

FYI, I don’t edit.  I prefer the uncultured babble of our fellow hashers.

On On!