Last minute info

Here is a long one from Bob.  I suppose I should summarize but that would be far too much work.

Dear people with a drinking/running problem,

By now you should all be aware that there is a Full Moon Run tomorrow evening — Friday, 27 Sep 2013. If you were not aware, you now are!

First things first – Alcohol!

Yes we plan to have the stuff available but the Hare may need some logistical support in the absence of our esteemed Hash Piss, Free Lili. Is there anyone who has a car and driver, who intends to come to the Hash and who is prepared to allow their car to be used to transport beer and other necessary supplies to the Beer Stop and end point? If so can you let me know asap and I will put you in touch with the Hare to make appropriate arrangements. Please form an orderly queue ……

Second things second – Who, what where and when

Who:    You and other like-minded individuals of dubious moral character

What:    The Full Moon Hash of course – haven’t you been following this?

Where:  Car park of Black Canyon Coffee located on Ahlone Road in front of Yangon International Hotel (corner of Ahlone and Pyay Roads).

When:   Tomorrow evening (are you still not paying attention?). Sign-in at 6:30 PM

Third things third – Dosh

Sadly the event will not be free. The Hare, while generous, is not stupid. So bring money. How much of the stuff you need to bring is, however, a little uncertain. The original well-laid plans hit a bit of a SNAFU in the usual Hash tradition and so the Hare is busy preparing Plans, B, C, D and probably E. You can probably assume that the cost will in the 10 to 15 thousand Kyat range for all of your food and drink.

Fourth things fourth – The Moon

OK – it’s not a Full Moon Day and it will be barely a half-moon. However, seeing any moon is unlikely because of thick monsoon cloud BUT – and it is a big BUT – you can be guaranteed that it will get dark at night. So if you don’t want to end up running into a giant pothole, you are strongly advised to bring some form of a torch to light your way and to find the shreddie.

Fifth things fifth – It’s a Hash

Expect things to go wrong and then you will not be disappointed. If it all goes like clockwork, you can put it down to my superb organizational abilities – it all goes tits up, then you can blame the Hare as usual!

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